1- Users are responsible for their accounts and may be held accountable if someone uses their accounts and violates the policy.
2- Users should not intentionally obscure, change, or forge the date, time, physical source, logical source, or other label or header information on electronic mail, files or reports.
3- The user should change passwords on a periodic basis.
4- It is recommended that the users should logout from their mail accounts whenever they leave the computer.
5- To prevent computer viruses, employees are advised not to open attachments that are received from an unknown or untrustworthy source and ensure that the system is installed with updated antivirus.
6- The maximum permissible attachment size is 50 MB, however when sending e-mails with attachments, employees are advised that all the attachments must be compressed to the extent possible.
7- Users are advised to take regular backup of their mails after deleting the unwanted emails time to time from the inbox and sent-box to overcome the mail account quota issue.
8- Avoid opening attachments and clicking on links when content is not adequately explained (e.g. "Watch this video, it's amazing.")
9- Do not entertain phishing emails. Phishing refers to emails that appear to come from a legitimate source but are scams designed to steal private, sensitive information.
10- Be suspicious of unknown links or requests sent through email or text messages like " Your email quota is full, your mail password is hacked, you email account will disable soon, Email account blocked"
11- Be suspicious for emails asking for bank account number, credit card number or any personal information and do not respond to them.
12- Avoid sending general email messages like greetings, wishes etc to a group of people.
13- Please change mail password after first login, always configure strong password, change mail password frequently and never share mail password related information with others.
14- For any suspicious website link or email received, please do not respond and contact servicedesk , ICFRE .